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This web site presents a schedule of selected upcoming best software development conferences hapenning in 2019 and that focus on all areas of software development: programming (Java, .NET, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, TypeScript, Web, Groovy, Go, Scala, Erlang, HTML, CSS, Frontend, ...), software engineering, project management (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, ...), software testing, databases (MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, NoSQL, BIG Data, data model, ...), mobile apps (iPhone, Android), configuration management, continuous delivery, DevOps, requirements management (business analysis, UML, user stories, personnas, LeanUX, ...), product management, UX user experience, Web Design & Development, software architecture, software design, model-driven development, software process improvement (CMMI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, AI Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, ...

Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Roumania, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, ...), Australia, New Zealand, Asia (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thaïland, ...), South America, etc.

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Software Development Conferences USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Germany, France, India, Asia

Featured Software Development Conferences

Agile Alliance Agile2019, August 5-9 2019, Washington DC, USA

Agile2019 is the annual North American conference of the Agile Alliance that is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Standard Software Development Conferences Schedule



Dutch PHP Conference, June 6-8 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Voxxed Athens, June 7-8 2019, Athens, Greece

TestingCup, June 10-11 2019, Poznan, Poland

Velocity Conference, June 10-13 2019, San Jose, USA

Lead Developer Conference, June 11-12 2019, London, UK

Scala Days Europe, June 11-13 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland

DEVintersection, June 11-13 2019, Orlando, USA

DevOps Conference, June 11-14 2019, Berlin, Germany

Agile Serbia, June 12 2019, Belgrade, Serbia

Romanian Testing Conference, June 12-15 2019, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Agile France, June 13-14 2019, Paris, France

AppiumConf, June 13-15 2019, Bengaluru, India

GOTO Amsterdam, June 17-20 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

NDC Oslo, June 17-21 2019, Oslo, Norway

Agile Day Riga, June 17-21 2019, Riga, Latvia

Voxxed Days Luxembourg, June 20-21 2019, Luxembourg

Agile Coach Camp Germany, June 21-23 2019, R├╝ckersbach, Germany

The European Product Owner & Requirements Engineering Day, Zurich, Switzerland, June 24 2019

Devoxx Poland, June 24-26 2019, Krakow, Poland

Agile Austria, June 25-26 2019, Graz, Austria

Agile Testing Days USA, June 23-27, 2019, Chicago, IL, USA

This event will be a festival of learning and sharing for the agile community. The conference will provide an interactive way to get deep insights and the latest developments in testing and agile excellence as well as many opportunities to network with fellow passionate agile software professionals.

SPA Software in Practice, June 24-26 2019, London, UK

QCon NewYork, June 24-28 2019, New York, USA

Agile Australia, June 25-26 2019, Sidney, Australia

DevOps Enterprise Summit, June 25-27 2019, London, UK

Test Leadership Congress, June 26-27 2019, New York, USA

ADDC App Design & Development Conference, June 26-28 2019, Barcelona, Spain

DevOpsDays Amsterdam, June 26-28 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Agile Open Spain, June 27-28 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Regional Scrum Gathering Rio, June 27-29 2019, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

droidcon Berlin, July 1-3 2019, Berlin, Germany

EuroPython, July 8-14 2019, Basel, Switzerland

SpringOne Tour, July 9-10 2019, Chicago, USA

Agile on the Beach, July 11-12 2019, Falmouth, UK

O'Reilly OSCON Open Source Software Conference, July 15-18 2019, Portland, USA

360|AnDev, July 18-19 2019, Denver, USA

LAST Conference: Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking, July 30 2019, Melbourne, Australia

Mid-Atlantic Dev Con, August 1-2 2019, Baltimore, USA

DDD Perth, August 3 2019, Perth, Australia

THAT Conference, August 5-8 2019, Wisconsin Dells, USA

Agile Alliance Agile2019, August 5-9 2019, Washington DC, USA

Agile2019 is the annual North American conference of the Agile Alliance that is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

MidwestJS, August 7-9 2019, Minneapolis, USA

Android Summit, August 14-15 2019, McLean, VA, USA

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) Conference, August 21-23 2019, Porto, Portugal

Product Owner Camp, Frankfurt, Germany, August 30-31 2019,

DroidJam, August 30-31 2019, Bangalore, India

Agile Crete & SoCraTes, September 5-7 2019, Kolymbari, Greece

AgileCrete has always been a playground where coaches, scrum masters and developers gather to exchange and challenge ideas about all things agile. This year the Heraklion Software Crafters community joins their forces to create a unique unconference where discussions and hack sessions will help team members better understand each other

RubyC, September 14-15 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

Agile Prague, September 16-17 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

This year the Agile Prague is going to feature over 30 Agile and Scrum speakers from all around the world. The conference is running in two paralel tracks in two days, where you can choose from the variety of talks for managers, scrum masters, product owners and try agile practices in practical workshops for testers and developpers, share the knowhow, discuss in openspace.

Agile Talks Day, September 17 2019, Hamburg, Germany

Serverlessconf, October 7-9 2019, New York, USA

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 14-16 2019, Portland, USA

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) mission is to enable knowledge exchange to produce higher quality software. As a non-profit corporation, we seek to promote software quality by providing education and opportunities for information exchange within the software community. PNSQC provides opportunities to demonstrate, teach and exchange ideas on both proven and leading edge software quality practices. The Call for Proposals is open now. It only takes 5 minutes! The deadline is April 17, 2019.

Agile Tour London, October 18 2019, London, UK

Agile Tour London is a conference, a part of the Global Agile Tour. Since its conception in 2008, it has become a hugely successful world wide event spanning 30 different countries. The idea is simple yet powerful: create a world-wide network of local agile events open to everyone interested in Agility: From Confirmed Agile Practitioner to Agile Newbie.

ApacheCon Europe, October 22-24 2019, Berlin, Germany

CakeFest, November 7-10 2019, Tokyo, Japan