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This web site presents a schedule of selected upcoming conferences and events that focus on all areas of software development: programming (Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, Erlang, ...), project management (Agile, PMI, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, ...), software testing, database (MySQL, NoSQL, ...), configuration management, DevOps, requirements management (business analysis, UML, user stories, ...), software architecture, software process improvement (CMMI), mobile apps (iPhone, Android), cloud computing, devops, continuous integration, ...

Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, South America, etc.

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XP Days Germany, November 26-28 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

DevTernity, December 1, Riga, Latvia

Adopting OpenStack for Business, December 2 2015, London, UK

Non-proprietary cloud development is setting the pace to open technology. This event focus is on discussing the adoption of OpenStack by organizations and their many high profile users. There are several points to learn about the various cloud versions considering whether the platform is enterprise-ready or not. Practitioners and thought leaders will present about adaptability, open source, interoperability, difficulties in the implementation, OpenStack project governance, weak spots in some OpenStack projects and integration with the existing infrastructure.

Data Analytics, December 2 2015, London, UK

Due to the overloading volume of data that companies obtain; data analytics has become critical in converting it into Big Data - data that makes sense. Considering that data and predictive analytics lead to Business Intelligence, the focus is to analyze both: predictive and real-time analytics. The programme features presentations, panel discussions, case studies and references to relevant tools available in the market.

Next Generation DevOps, December 2 2015, London, UK

This conference brings together leading practitioner-companies who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organizational transformation. The initiatives that increase the efficiency and agility within the enterprise and balance system uptime and stability while bringing alignment between Development and Operations will be discussed. Other topics include Open source innovations, Containers and Dockers and Cross-team engagement.

GOTO Berlin, December 2-4 2015, Berlin, Germany

XP Days Benelux, December 3-4 2015, Mechelen, Belgium

XP Days Benelux is an international conference where we learn to bring software to life and grow mature systems that support business needs. It provides an excellent environment for exchanging ideas, hands-on exercises and extreme experiences.

Agile Slovenia, December 3-4 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia

MelbJS, December 9 2015, Melbourne, Australia

ModevCon, December 10-11 2015, Washington DC, USA

ScrumDay Oviedo, December 12 2015, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

NDC London, January 11-15 2016, London, UK

Software Quality Days, January 18-21 2016, Vienna, Austria

Agile Pracitioners Israel, January 26-27 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel

OOP, February 1-5 2016, Munich, Germany

TopConf Linz, February 2-3 2016, Linz, Austria

Topconf Linz is a premier international software conference designed for Developers, Product owners / managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods- and Process-Experts. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development.

Scaling Agile for the Enterprise, February 4 2016, Brussels, Belgium

This event features a high quality programme of expert presentations, case studies, interactive discussions along with an exhibition area that gives the chance to great networking. Leaders and practitioners will be brought together to share skills and best practices around the Agile method of working.

Jfokus, February 8-10 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Embedded Meets Agile, February 16-18 2016, Munich, Germany

Agile software development as well as Agile management approaches have been established also in the industrial world where they are used both in software and hardware development. The Embedded meets Agile conferences presents content that focuses on medical and automotive engineering, but also more general speeches about Agile in the industrial and embedded domains.

QA or the Highway, February 16 2016, Columbus, USA

PHP UK Conference, February 18-19 2016, London, UK

Play4Agile, February 18-21 2016, Frankfurt, Germany

SPTechCon, February 21-24 2016, Austin, USA

SPTechCon, February 21-24 in Austin, is the world's premier independent event for SharePoint. The content is geared to IT professionals, business managers and developers. Receive a $200 discount off either the 4-day or 3-day pass by inserting the code SHAREPOINT when prompted on the registration page.

ConFoo, February 24-26 2016, Montreal, Canada

Riga Dev Day, March 2-4 2016, Riga, Latvia

ACE!, April 14-15 2016, Krakow, Poland

ACE! is the largest regional conference of its kind in Central Europe, attracting people from all over the region. We're really excited about ACE! 2015 which combines two one-track conferences into one. The Building Software Better track includes the traditional ACE! content such as agile, lean, Scrum, Kanban, and other tools and methods for improving the software development process. This year we're adding a Building Better Products track that features Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking, and Customer Development topics. Call for Speakers until January 15 2016

ProgSCon London, April 22 2016, London, UK

ProgSCon is a 1 day conference about Programming. It's open to everyone interested in the subject. It is composed of 24 talks and workshops covering 5 themes: Languages, Must Know, Coding Practices, Languages 101, Soft Sides. Call for Paper until January 21 2016

I T.A.K.E. Unconference, May 19-20 2016, Bucharest, Romania

The I T.A.K.E. Unconference is the Central and Eastern Europe Software Craftsmanship event dedicated to Software Architecture, Software Design and Technical Strategy. Join the dynamic learning atmosphere and get hands-on engagement with the latest techniques applied in multiple languages and technologies (Java, C#, JavaScript, Closure, etc). Call for Speakers until December 22 2015