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This web site presents a schedule of selected upcoming conferences and events that focus on all areas of software development: programming (Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, Erlang, ...), project management (Agile, PMI, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, ...), software testing, database (MySQL, NoSQL, ...), configuration management, requirements management (business analysis, UML, user stories, ...), software architecture, software process improvement (CMMI), mobile apps (iPhone, Android), cloud computing, devops, continuous integration, ...

Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, South America, etc.

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Agile Tour London, October 24 2014, London, UK

Agile Tour London is a conference, a part of the Global Agile Tour. Since its conception in 2008, it has become a hugely successful worldwide event spanning 30 different countries. The idea is simple yet powerful: create a world-wide network of local agile events open to everyone interested in Agility: From Confirmed Agile Practitioner to Agile Newbie.

Agile Turkey Summit, October 24 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Big Data TechCon, October 27-29 2014, San Francisco, USA

Big Data TechCon, October 27-29 in San Francisco, is the "how-to" show for big data developers, IT managers and practitioners. It is technology-agnostic and will apply to organizations using relational databases, NoSQL databases, graph databases, unstructured data, flat files and data feeds. Use code BIGDATA for a $200 conference discount.

Future of Web Apps, October 27-29, Boston, MA, USA

At #FOWA in Boston, you'll learn advanced JavaScript tips and tricks to solve development challenges and build next-gen apps. Plus, get acquainted with the newest JavaScript tools and frameworks and the best ways to use them. Save $100 on your full conference pass with code METHODS. Discounted student tickets are also available.

Bosnia Agile Day, October 27 2014, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

EclipseCon Europe, October 28-30 2014, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC), October 28-29 2014, Seattle / Kirkland, USA

AgileByExample, October 29-31 2014, Warsaw, Poland

Ultimate Developer Event, October 30, Boston, MA, USA

At #UDE2014, web and app developers will learn the skills to create APIs and provide services to other developers, and how to create apps featuring APIs from multiple sources and services that add value, not work. Save $100 on your conference pass with code METHODS. Discounted student tickets are also available.

W-JAX 2014, November 3-7 2014, Munich, Germany

W-JAX is the leading conference for enterprise technologies. Be there when international top speakers meet again this year to share their pragmatic knowledge with you to succeed in IT projects. Topics are Java technologies, software architecture, agile management methods and issues of enterprise architecture.

Business Technology Days 2014, November 3-6, Munich, Germany

The Business Technology Days will present valuable knowledge for innovative business and IT decision-makers. These organizational realignments have the same importants like the use of the latest technologies. Our speakers are well-known entrepreneurs and IT strategists who report on their practical experience in progressive companies.

QCon San Francisco, November 3-7 2014, San Francisco, USA

QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams. Exclusive $50 Method & Tools discount with promo code "softdevconf50"

Lean Kanban France, November 5-6 2014, Paris, France

GOTO Berlin, November 5-7 2014, Berlin, Germany

Agile Brazil, November 5-7 2014, Florianopolis - Santa Catarina, Brazil

Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, November 7-8 2014, Hong Kong, China

Better Software & Agile Development Conference East, November 9-14 2014, Orlando, USA

2 Conferences, 1 Registration, 1 Location! Register for one conference and receive full access to BOTH events! You get double the value, more content and subjects to choose from, and the freedom to attend both conferences at your convenience. Exclusive Method & Tools discount with promo code MTCE.

Toronto Agile & Software, November 10 2014, Toronto, Canada

NUX3, November 10 2014, Manchester, UK

Agile Testing Days, November 10-13 2014, Berlin, Germany

Clean Code Days 2014, November 11-12 2014, Munich, Germany

Agile Singapore Conference, November 12-14 2014, Singapore, Singapore

Dutch Testing Day, November 17 2014, Amersfoort, Netherlands

React San Francisco, November 18-21 2014, San Francisco, USA

Topconf Tallinn, November 19-20 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Agile Pune, 21-22 November 2014, Pune, India

EuroSTAR, November 24-27 2014, Dublin, Ireland

XP Days, November 27-28 2014, Heeze, The Netherlands

Brewing Agile, November 28-29 2014 Gothenburg, Sweden

NDC London, December 1-5 2014, London, UK

XP Days Ukraine, December 5-6 2014, Kiev, Ukraine

ModevCon, December 11-12 2014, Washington DC, USA

ScrumDay Oviedo, December 13 2014, Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

QCon London, March 2-6, 2015, London, UK

QCon highlights the most important development topics driving innovation - things you should be doing now or researching for your next project - presented by the doers in our community. Our conferences bring practitioners together with attendees who influence innovation in their teams: over half of conferences attendees, for example, have team lead or higher job titles.

Agilia Conference, March 23-27 2015, Brno, Czech Republic

SEI SATURN Software Architecture Conference, April 27-30 2015, Baltimore, USA

SATURN attracts software architects, developers, managers, and researchers to share ideas, insights, and experience about architecture-centric practices for software-intensive systems. The program covers topics organized into 3 themes: Technology, Methods & Tools, and Leadership & Business. The Call for Submissions is open, accepting proposals for 15-, 30-, and 90-minute sessions until 1/16/2015.

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