Software Development Conferences 2017

Java, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Software Testing, PHP, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript, DevOps, UX, Python, Databases

This web site presents a schedule of selected upcoming software engineering conferences and events in 2017 that focus on all areas of software development: programming (Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, Erlang, ...), project management (Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, ...), software testing, database (MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, ...), configuration management, continuous delivery, DevOps, requirements management (business analysis, UML, user stories, ...), UX user experience, software architecture, software process improvement (CMMI), mobile apps (iPhone, Android), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing...

Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, ...), Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China, India, South America, etc.

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MODELSWARD Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, February 19-21 2017, Porto, Portugal

The Lead Developer, February 21 2017, New York, USA

Devnexus, February 22-24 2017, Atlanta, USA

Voxxed Days Zurich, February 23 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

NorDevCon, February 23-25 2017, Norwich, UK

BOB, February 24 2017, Berlin, Germany

Selenium Camp, February 24-25 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

Voxxed Days CERN, February 25 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

UKSTAR Software Testing Conference, London, February 27-28 2017

TopConf Linz, February 28 - March 2 2017, Linz, Austria

Topconf Linz is a premier international software conference designed for Developers, Product owners / managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods- and Process-Experts. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development.

Oracle Code San Francisco, March 1 2017, San Francisco, USA

Voxxed Days Bristol, February 25 2017, Bristol, UK

Scandinavian Agile Conference, March 2 2017, Helsinki, Finland

1st Conference, March 2-3 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Agile Open Camp Argentina, March 2-5 2017, Bariloche, Argentina

DevOps Wall Street, March 3 2017, New York, USA

QCon London, March 6-10 2017, London, UK

Conference March 6-8; Workshops March 9-10. Performance Mythbusting, Tech Debt, Security, Modern Distributed Architectures, Containers, Data Engineering, JavaScript, Financial Applications, Practical Cryptography and Blockchains, Low Latency Java are some of topics of this year's conference. Register now and use code “methodstools60” to save £335!

Agile India, March 6-12 2017, Bangalore, India

jDays, March 7-8 2017, Gotenborg, Sweden

ConFoo, March 8-10 2017, Montreal, Canada

ScaleConf, March 9-10 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

SoCraTes Day Switzerland, March 9-12 2017, Ftan, Switzerland

Voxxed Days Bucharest, March 10 2017, Bucharest, Romania

Swiss Testing Day, March 15 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

Booster Conference, March 15-17 2017, Bergen, Norway

Voxxed Days Vienna, March 16-17 2017, Vienna, Austria

Lean and Agile ME Summit, March 18 2017, Dubai, UAE

The Lean and Agile ME Summit is a one day event full of exciting keynotes, presentations from world class speakers and interactive workshops. This is a rare opportunity to share and learn from agile leaders, coaches and fellow Agile practitioners in the Middle East. Only together, we can advance the Agile adoption within the region.

Inflectra User Summit, March 20 2017, London, UK

JavaScript Days, March 20-22 2017, Munich, Germany

Oracle Code New York, March 21 2017, New York, USA

PIPELINE, March 21 2017, London, UK

Devoxx USA, March 21-23 2017, San Jose, USA

Inflectra User Summit, March 20 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

JazzCon.Tech, March 22-24 2017, New Orleans, USA

Inflectra User Summit, March 20 2017, Mannheim, Germany

Software Quality Conference, March 23 2017, Amersfoort, Netherlands

JS Unconf, March 25-26 2017, Hamburg, Germany

Voxxed Days Dakar, March 26 2017, Dakar, Senegal

REConf, Requirements Engineering Conference, March 27-31 2017, Munich, Germany

Agilia Conference, March 27-31 2017, Olomouc, Czech Republic

O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, April 2-5 2017, New York, USA

Enterprise Data World / NoSQL Now!, April 2-7 2017, Atlanta, USA

4Developers Festival, April 3 2017, Warsaw, Poland

Agile Trends, April 12-13 2017, Sao Paolo, Brazil

CodeMobile, April 17-20 2017, Chester, UK

Scala Days, April 18-21 2017, Chicago, USA

Agile Alliance Technical Conference, April 19-21 2017, Boston, USA

There is a wealth of new Agile tools and techniques, new patterns and practices. Learn how best to support and evolve your Agile engineering practices in light of these new capabilities and emerging technologies. Agile is now a multi-disciplinary field that includes Developers and QA, of course, and also UX Designers, Infrastructure Engineers, Data Scientists, Cloud Specialists and more. This conference will focus on the leading technical practices which are key to frequent delivery and a sustainable pace.

Lone Star PHP, April 20-22 2017, Dallas, USA

Mix-IT, April 20-21 2017, Lyon, France

Mobile and IoT Dev + Test, April 24-28 2017, San Diego, USA

RailsConf, April 25-276 2017, Phoenix, USA

Craft Conference, April 25-28 2017, Budapest, Hungary

From Business to Buttons, April 27 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

ProgSCon London, April 28 2017, London, UK

ProgSCon is a 1 day conference about Programming. It's open to everyone interested in the subject. Progscon 2017 will have 5 main tracks: Microservice, Reactive Programming, Cloud Service, Blockchain and Software Container. The reference languages for this year will be Scala, Javascript, C#, Clojure, Kotlin and Ruby.

Agile Coach Camp, April 28-30 2017, New York, USA

NYC Scrum User Group and NYC Lean/Kanban Meetup will partner in hosting Agile Coach Camp US (ACCUS2017). This is an unconference which uses Open Space Technology to bring together people interested in helping software development organizations and their business partners get better at mastering their craft.

Build Stuff Summer, April 28-30, 2017, Mallorca, Spain

Big Apple Scrum Day, May 1 2017, New York, USA

Big Apple Scrum Day (BASD2017) invites you to reflect on the importance of growing. Growing your knowledge: through experimenting and failing, taking risks, and pushing your boundaries. Growing your team: through self-organizing, revisiting Scrum values, and getting to the "We are great" stage. Growing your Scrum: through applying a better use of Scrum practices and widening the use of them in your organization. Growing beyond your Scrum: opening your eyes to other frameworks and considering practices more suitable to the problem at hand.

Test Leadership Congress, May 1-3 2017, New-York, USA

Test Leadership Congress has a single goal in mind: enhance our practice through integrating thought leadership, insights and real-life experiences on software testing and software quality. Test Leadership Congress is a forum for learning, group reflection and ideas integration. We encourage community and inspire each other. Together we have courage to face the battles ahead of us. We enjoy the support and comradery. We dare to excel.

SEI SATURN Software Architecture Conference, May 1-4 2017, Denver, USA

Organized by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of the Carnegie Mellon University, the SATURN conference attracts software architects, developers, managers, and researchers to share ideas, insights, and experience about architecture-centric practices for software-intensive systems.

GOTO Chicago, May 1–4 2017, Chicago, USA

Agile and Beyond, May 4-5 2017, Ypsilanti, USA

JSConf EU, May 6-7 2017, Berlin, Germany

STAREAST Software Testing Conference, May 7–12 2017, Orlando, USA

Quality Software Australia, May 10-12 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Quality Software Australia will be held in May 2017 in Melbourne, Australia and will be headed by some fantastic internationally recognised speakers. This conference will provide 3 days of learning, networking and entertainment for software testers and offer world class workshops at fraction of the cost. It will also host exciting competitions and give-aways.

Devoxx UK, May 11-17 2017, London, UK

ACE! Agile Central Europe, May 11-12 2017, Krakow, Poland

ACE! is the largest regional conference of its kind in Central Europe, attracting people from all over the region. We're really excited about ACE! 2017 which combines two one-track conferences into one. The Building Software Better track includes the traditional ACE! content such as agile, lean, Scrum, Kanban, and other tools and methods for improving the software development process. The Building Better Products track features Lean Startup, LeanUX, Design Thinking, and Customer Development topics. Learn how to use user testing, ethnography, and co-creation to make the products that people want. This track is for everyone involved in creating products, including product managers, UI and Interaction Designers, and UX Researchers. We are also adding a workshop track so that attendees can apply new skills and experiment with new ideas. It's going to be the best ACE! yet!

Riga Dev Day, May 15-17 2017, Riga, Latvia

DevOps Tallin, May 17 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

The DevOps Tallin conference brings together leading international ITSM practitioner and organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation. Find out about the many initiatives that increase the efficiency and agility within the enterprise and balance system uptime and stability while bringing alignment between Dev and Ops.

I T.A.K.E. Unconference, May 19-20 2016, Bucharest, Romania

The I T.A.K.E. Unconference is the Central and Eastern Europe Software Craftsmanship event dedicated to Software Architecture, Software Design and Technical Strategy. Join the dynamic learning atmosphere and get hands-on engagement with the latest techniques applied in multiple languages and technologies (Java, C#, JavaScript, Closure, etc).

NextBuild, May 20 2017, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

O'Reilly Fluent Conference, June 19-22 2017, San Jose, USA

JBCNConf, June 19-21 2017, Barcelona, Spain

JBCNConf is the first big JVM conference in Spain with 3 days to share experiences, to meet enthusiasts and to learn about new technologies. Conference Talks will held from Monday 19th to Tuesday 20th and Workshops will run on Wednesday 21th until noon. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this event to immerse yourself in 3-days interesting talks on JVM and opensource technologies.

ADDC App Design & Development Conference, June 22-23 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Agile on the Beach, July 6-7 2017, Falmouth, UK

CONNECT.TECH, September 20-22 2017, Atlanta, USA

STARWEST Software Testing Conference, October 1–6 2017, Anaheim, USA

TopConf Duesseldorf, October 5-6 2017, Duesseldorf, Germany

Topconf Duesseldorf is a premier international software conference designed for Developers, Product owners / managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods- and Process-Experts. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development. Call for Paper open until March 19 2017.

STARCANADA Software Testing Conference, October 15–20 2017, Toronto, Canada